Domestic violence continues to be a serious problem in the United States and abroad

Alcoholic beverages play a major role in triggering violence toward women and children

Power and control are the top reasons for the someone to resort to domestic violence

Understanding the Cause and Seeking to Prevent Domestic Violence

Every day, women and children all across the United States wake up to domestic violence. Though it is not discussed enough, men are also often the victims of domestic abuse. Whether you are a personal victim or not, you have likely wondered before about what causes domestic violence and what we can do to help prevent it.

There Are Many Root Causes of Domestic Violence

Abusers often engage in domestic violence because of their own unresolved issues. This may involve being abused as a child, which taught them that violence was the only road to respect. It may also arise from an inability or unwillingness to manage feelings of intense jealousy, insecurity, or the need to maintain control. Not surprisingly, many abusers suffer from severe mental health disorders and can be extremely predatorial.

Some Groups are More at Risk Than Others

It is important to establish that the abuser is the problem, not the victim. However, there are certain situations that make an individual more likely to become a victim of domestic violence. Because of traditional gender norms, even in modern societies, women are more likely to be abused than men. Individuals from poorer socioeconomic backgrounds and who are less educated also face higher risks of domestic abuse.

What Should a Victim Do When Domestic Violence Occurs?

One of the best prevention mechanisms is to document each incident. This is important if you intend to work with a domestic violence lawyer to press charges. While it doesn’t prevent this specific case from occurring, it does help to re-enforce faith in the system for victims, while deterring would-be abusers. It’s also important to know the emergency number to a nearby shelter in case you need to leave immediately.

It's Important To Help and Support Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic violence rates are embarrassingly high in the United States of America. What’s worse is that many women, men, and children who are abused do not reach out for help. By providing a supportive community at work, school, and charitable organizations, we can provide a safe haven for more victims to get help, and over time, put an end to domestic violence.